Sunday, June 06, 2010

Future races

Finally committed to the two races I will be running this season:

Catherine Valley Half Marathon - August 22nd in Watkins Glenn, NY. It is a very small half (approximately 120 runners last year). I chose it because it was small. If I fail miserably then I can head straight to the wineries and, well, you know. Oh, who are we kidding, either way I will be heading straight to the wineries.

This is the race I've chosen to PR. I want a sub 2 hour half. This is where all my focus is with my training right now. This past week I've logged 39 miles and have run six days in a row. For me, this is an accomplishment and for people who know me, think it is a complete miracle!

A friend has offered to pace me during the half. This scares me a little. Mentally, I am not all the tough and I am not sure if this would drive me or beat me down? Plus, I don't know if she will still be friends with me afterwards if I happen to go to my dark place.

If all is going smooth with the training, I am shooting for the Steamtown Marathon on October 10, 2010. I was going to do the Toronto Marathon with the friends I ran Philly, but it is the weekend of my brother's wedding. Steamtown is the weekend before so I can feel free to relax and party afterwards. Won't have to worry about training, etc. SWEET!

There you have it -- written down and on the internet so there is no turning back. Eeek!

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