Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Money Pit

Remember this movie? It has become my life.

We've moved into our new house about 3 weeks ago. We couldn't be happier with our new home. It fits our lives like a glove. But we are still working on our previous house...aka...the money pit. Seriously, it was like we were living like animals!

First, the move. We are cheap and we don't hire movers. We are healthy individuals, right? Why would we pay someone? Next time. We pay. I. Am. To. Old. For. This. Shit.

My dearest didn't think he needed to reserve a truck on the last weekend of the month. *I can hear you laughing* What we got, was a van. We made due, but my back may never be the same again. It took us a thousand trips, but we got *most* of everything to the house. What we didn't get was all the (shit) stuff in the basement and garage. Two of those things were the washer and dryer. After multiple bruises, a possible hernia, several scratches and a close call with a concussion I was NOT moving a 10 year old washer and dryer up the basement the van..UP in the van...DOWN out of the van and UP into the new house. No. Fucking. Way.

Solution. We ordered a new washer and dryer. Done.

The following weekend we had to get the rest of the (shit) stuff from house. One of the things was switching out the stoves. This past year we bought a double convection oven and the bastard was coming with me. No way was I giving it up. So, we made a switch. The new house had a stainless steel front stove. Nice, but not as nice as ours.

Did I say it was just the two of moving? Yeah. It was brutal. We had to take off the handles to get them through the doors. Then we finally get our stove in the new house and I go to plug it in. I am standing there staring at the floor for 10 minutes because my brain can't compute what the hell I am seeing. The outlet is a 3-prong outlet, yet I am holding a 4-prong plug. It is then I start to string together a creative array of curse words. Thankfully, my husband is a genius. He takes apart the back of the stoves and switches the electrical cords. BRILLIANT.

Okay, now to the money pit. Let me give you some background before I go in more detail. Our previous house was built in the early 70's and still had the 70's vibe when we bought it. When we decided to sell we knew we had to do some updates in order to get a good price and for it to sell in a decent amount of time. We had new carpet installed, hardwood refinished, painted every room in the house except the basement. The basement is what is screwing us.

We *thought* we were ready to put the house up. All we had to do was some cleaning and poof it was ready. Hubby does woodworking down in the basement so it was a dust, dirt, cobweb mess, but I thought (ha) it just needed a cleaning. When the realtor came by to look over the house he found water damage in the basement. Which led him to the crawl space. Which led him to his freak out.

Every year the crawl space gets standing water when we have the big thaw or if we have a monsoon. When he went down there was standing water. Long story short, we have to get it fixed.

Here is what we have to do and I want to rip my hair out and cry (at the same time). A company will come in and dig a trench around the perimeter of the crawl space and put in drainage tiles and a sump pump (no, we didn't have one before), plus take care of the mold and paint/seal the concrete. They will also take care of another room and a closet area. In the meantime, we have to paint the paneling in the basement and the laundry area. That was my day today. My back is killing me and the fingers on my right hand have atrophied!

We are hoping the company will be able to get this project done by the end of this coming week and we can finally....finally...put the house up for sale.

You know, I didn't think my hair could get more grey. I was wrong.


Mad Red Hare said...

Aint life grand? Glad you like your new place though!

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