Saturday, February 06, 2010

We have been making progress with the house. Things are getting packed, thrown out or donated. Wednesday, we are getting rid of the old, ugly ass, 70's kitchen table and chairs. Personally, I wanted to start a bonfire and do the Hustle in celebration around the dancing flames.

On the weight loss front, things are coming along okay. I am down to 143.0 and that makes me happy. If I can just get those last 3 lbs off. Maybe, I can with the new exercise routines I learned this weekend!

I work p/t at the local YMCA and to keep being a fitness instructor you have to earn CEC's (Continuing Education Credits). This weekend I took a 3 hr class called "Triple Threat." It was about using the step and stability ball to do an intense weight training circuit. I learned lots of great ways to work the chest, shoulders, back and legs. Tomorrow, I am going to head out to buy a ball so I can practice some routines. Maybe, I can still have those buns of steel after all.


IHateToast said...

i sense no love for the 70s kitchen.

why are the kilos/pounds before those pretty numbers so hard to lose. surely they're larger units than the others you lost. it's not fair. good on you. three? you can get there.

bazu said...

Oh, how I wish you still did classes at SU!! I love me a good Bridget ass-kicking...

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