Saturday, February 20, 2010

I, Bridget, solemnly swears to never buy things that will languish in the basement, to be covered with dust/dirt/cat litter/dead spiders. I solemnly swear to avoid buying tacky decorations for all major holidays, or things, that I might need "some day" such as gold glitter paint. Maybe I was planning a 70's theme something or other. However, I cannot bring myself to giveaway or sell my Fiesta Loony Tunes plates, sugar & creamer bowl...and clock. It was a phase. Don't judge me.

My morning was spent cleaning, tossing and packing our laundry room. It was dirty, dirty work. Not the type I enjoy (wink, wink). It was 4 hours of on my knees, scrubbing the floors, then the walls, and inhaling all sorts of nasty stuff. I think smoking a pack of cigarettes would have been healthier.

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