Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year

Maggie is hanging in there. We have her on a multitude of pain meds that seem to be doing the trick....for now. What just sucks and is so devastating is that this is the only thing wrong with her. She is playing, eating and being happy. Just sucks.

I am so grateful to have these 2 weeks off to be with her. Not only do we get to spend quality time with the pups, we have been busy getting some home improvement things done. Getting the house ready to put on the market hopefully around March. It is a serious pain in the ass.

We've also been looking at houses and haven't come across anything that makes us tingle. One thing we have decided is we want a ranch. Why? The dogs. I think we have finally gone over the edge. With Mag's going through what she is and John with his neck issues, it would be great to have a house without stairs. John is close to 100 lbs and when you try to pick him up, he feels like 200. He is a tank.

ANYWAY....I am trying to get my lazy butt back into gear and exercise. Today I ran the Resolution Run and it was a blast. You show up and you don't know the course or how far. Could be anywhere from 3 - 6 miles. It was 4 miles this year. You get a little champagne halfway through and free beer and pasta at the end. I think it was the perfect way to kick start 2010. Let's hope the momentum continues!


Jen said...

Good for you!!! Hope you enjoyed the champagne. Kisses to Maggie!


Molly said...

Came across your blog today, thought it was funny that you live in Syracuse as do I....sorry about your dog : (

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