Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The holiday's went by in a flash. Ran around like a mad woman, socialized and had a great time. But the great time ended when I got home.

Maggie, my perfect little girl, was diagnosed with bone cancer.

A friend of mine said, WTF.

WTF is right.

Friday, December 18, 2009

This was on Syracuse.com today. Thank you, Donna. This totally brought a smile to my face this morning.

To the Editor:

Let’s look at the bright side of winter.

Top ten terrific things about cold weather:
  1. Zero mosquitoes
  2. Stay clean walking across frozen mud
  3. Under 20 degrees Farenheit justifies hot chocolate
  4. Snow squeaks under 14 degrees Farenheit
  5. Boiling water thrown outside turns to vapor under 5 degrees Farenheit
  6. Fill driveway potholes with water
  7. Sundogs
  8. Men and cats become really affectionate
  9. Ice skating
  10. Rude gestures ineffective in mittens.

Top ten terrific things about snow:

  1. Animal tracks
  2. Junk in neighbor’s yard looks much nicer
  3. Free unlimited sculpture material
  4. Snow forts and snowball fights
  5. Snow angels (child, adult and canine)
  6. Snowshoeing and skiing
  7. Snowed on dog smells better than rained on dog
  8. You can tell if the mailman has been by
  9. Moonlight on sparkly snow
  10. Your neighbor just shoveled off your car by mistake.

My favorite - Sundogs. Our hounds LOVE to lay in the sun in the living room. We have a huge bay window and on those days when the sun is streaming in our dogs lay around like bloated beached seals soaking up the rays. Maybe, I should try it.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

So much to do, so little time

Lately, I've been feeling frazzled and overwhelmed with holiday shopping and having a long list of projects to do to get the house on the market and life in general. However, after this weekend I've decided that I am not going to spend another moment letting the little things control my life. Instead, I am going to get organized and do what I can do, when I can do it. Not everything needs to be finished today or tomorrow. It is time to re-evaluate and prioritize.

Saturday is a prime example of Bill and I taking time out for ourselves. We didn't head to the mall. We didn't head to the outlets. We headed to a monastery. A place of peace, quiet and simplicity. Also a place where the monk's make delicious baked goods; bread, fruit cake w/whiskey, brownies, jams and jelly's. Bill and I came back with a bunch of delicious, holy, goodness.

When we were in the bakery one of the monk's came up to me to chat. Totally caught me off guard because I thought they took a vow of silence! Immediately I'd broken out in a sweat. I don't know why, but he made me so nervous! Maybe it is because on any given day I usually let at least 2-3 curse words fly in any given conversation AND I don't even realize I am doing it (most of the time). After about 5 minutes he moved on. Whew!

Today, I finished Christmas shopping and packed up stuff to go in storage. Overall, I feel like I accomplished a lot. Next thing on the list. Call a tree service to get rid of the tree that smashed our neighbor's fence. Oh, I didn't mention that did I?

Friday, we had wicked winds and it took down one of our trees. The tree took out the upper part of our neighbor's fence. SONOFABITCH. Grumble, grumble, grumble. The fence only needs to have 3-4 boards replaced and it was in pretty bad shape before the tree hit it. Haven't talked to the owner about it, although we've been over a couple times and she wasn't home. Today, I left a note. Sigh. It is always something. Life. It can be a bitch.

Friday, December 11, 2009

To the tune of We Wish You a Merry Christmas...

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah

That is exactly how I feel.


Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Post Marathon Blues

This sucks. I have too much time on my hands and I am not running.

This past Sunday I ran 5 miles with Shannon and Kris and had to walk twice because of the knee. Today, I had to do something...or kill...so I jumped on the bike. It felt good to break a sweat. Sigh. I have an appointment with the doc to look at my knee. I will be really pissed if it is anything that a little more rest won't cure.

In other news. Bill and I are meeting with a realtor about selling the homestead. Have to say I am a little sad. I love this house. Originally, we were going to do some major renovations (new kitchen, expand the family room, blah blah), but it turned out to be a very expensive project that we wouldn't get a return on the investment. It would be more economical to find a house that already had all these things. Maybe we will build. Who the hell knows. I am so confused.