Saturday, August 29, 2009

17 miles or Bust

I am hoping I turned a corner in my training. Typically, I am very wussy (yes, it is a MY dictionary) with my runs. If it doesn't fit perfectly in my schedule, I am fast to put it off. Oh yeah, I am a serious wuss. Friday though, I was totally hardcore.

Work is entering the insane zone. Students are flocking back to campus (with H1N1, but that is another entry), we are short a staff member and our office is busier than a one-legged man in a butt kicking contest so trying to fit in my runs is proving to be a challenge. For example, I had to figure out how to fit a 3-hour run into a weekend that was chocked full. My decision -- run after work on Friday -- 3 hours.

Thank God, another woman from the running group met me at the Parkway because she had to do 3.5 hours. If it wasn't for her, I don't think I would have made it. We started out and an hour into the run, it started to rain. It was miserable. We sloshed and squished for 17 miles. My first EVER 17 miles. I didn't finished until 7:45 p.m., but we got it done and the most exciting part...we kept it under 11 minute miles. I could have cried I was so happy. My body hurt, my feet looked like raisins, and I was drenched to the bone, but I did 17 miles. It was a real boost to my confidence.

My strategy is to take it one mile at a time. Instead of thinking...OMG how am I going to run another 9 miles, I am going to focus on the now. Next weekend my training calls for 3:15 so I am going to shoot for 18.5 miles.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Where is the Easy button?

Why does buying a car have to be such a big cluster sometimes?

Saturday, we head down to Fuccillo Hyundai in Syracuse. We test drive a Hyundai Santa Fe Limited. Nice car and we are willing to buy. We are also wanting to buy another Santa Fe. Yes, a two car deal. Reason being, we are getting rid of the van and Bill has a truck. We need to have two cars to transport 4 greyhounds. Anyway, we want to take advantage of the Cash for Clunkers deal.

We were going to use my van for the Santa Fe. Come to find out. It doesn't qualify. Shit. What it does qualify for is the Hyundai Tucson AWD. Bill likes the Tuscon, but what we don't like about it are the step rails on the side. They can't take the step rails off without us paying for them because they are on the invoice. Okay. Find us another one just like it without the step rails.

A week, and two "we found one" later, we ended up buying the one on the lot, paying for the step rails, that they took off. TWICE, they said they found a car, TWICE they called back saying it was sold. TWICE they reminded us that Cash for Clunkers was ending this weekend. We. Got. Hosed.

Thursday, I can pick up my Santa Fe (have to wait for some financial things). I asked several times while we were picking up the Tucson that my car WILL be there on Thursday and that they will NOT let anyone test drive it. I was assured that it will be there and won't have extra miles on it. It better not or else, we walk.

Will keep you posted.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Wrecked the van today on the way to the vets. Isn't life just grand (said with deep sarcasm).

Totally my fault too. At a light, distracted by Echo yowling in the carrier next to me. Thought the HUGE truck with the stainless steel thingy hanging off the back was moving. It wasn't. Took my foot off the brake, van pulled forward, BOOM, right into the back of the truck.

Of course, the truck doesn't have a scratch. Driver barely felt the tap. My van didn't fare that well.

Doesn't look to bad from the above angle does it? Just the headlight sticking out at the side. But then you move to the front...


And you have to have a matching pair! Headlight on the other side.


Sunday, August 09, 2009

Living Room - DONE!

I am finally posting pictures of our finished living room and foyer! Joyce did a wonderful job picking things that were 'us'. I couldn't be happier with the decision to go with a decorator and adore these two rooms. **Warning: I SUCK at taking pictures.

I am totally in love with these lamps. The shade is a beautiful sheer gold with a solid shade underneath.
I am the luckiest woman alive to have a husband that has a hobby of building furniture. Bill did an amazing job with the tables.

This is the gorgeous oil painting my sister bought for us. The colors are so rich and I can sit and stare at it all day.
Sophie with devil eyes. The grass cloth gives such warmth to the foyer. The texture is wonderful too. We are going to put a french door where the baby gate is right now. That way we can get the light from the front door coming to the back of the house.

The color of the rugs and the shape really make the foyer pop.

I love this space. This was the horrible wall of mirrors! Now it is simple and elegant.

No Sympathy!

Saturday's long run I can't figure out why it was so much harder than last week. I could only do one 'bowl' and then stuck with the trail around the lake. Thankfully, I wasn't alone in my misery. My friend Mary was with me and felt just as bad.

I don't just don't get it! It was a beautiful day and I was feeling good when I started, but the hills did me in this time. At the two hour - 28 minute mark Mary and I stopped and talked to Coach Kevin. Both of us had tears in our eyes and started the "do we have to keep going" - "we feel like crap" etc. Coach Kevin asks "what time are you supposed to run" and we said "2:45" and he said, "what time is it now?" We said "2:28" and he said, keep going. Then the sobbing and begging began -we promptly said "but we are near tears" and he promptly said, "if you feel like crying now, wait till you run the marathon. This training is tough and will prepare you well. Now go." And we did. We ran another 17 minutes, but not a second more.

We did it. 2 hours and 45 minutes - the longest I have ever run in my life. Next week -- gulp -- 3 hours. I am clinging to Coach Kevin's words - if I can survive his training, I can survive a marathon.
Coach Kevin (looking a little WAY to happy)
Mary with the 'tell me why the hell we are doing this?' look.
Another beautiful morning at Green Lakes.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Speed hurts. Last night was 'short interval' training. For some people, this is their favorite workout. Those people are nuts. You heard

Coach Kevin had us do our warm-up of 15 minutes around the track. Then we stretched and he talked. We were to run 60 sec., 90 sec., 30 sec. hard with a 90 sec. recovery in-between. Advanced, which I unfortunately fall into, not because I am a good, have to do 4 sets. Shit. THEN, we have do to 4 sets of - 100 yrd. sprints. Sonofabitch.

Yesterday, it was 90 degrees. Figures. I do okay with the first three sets. #4 - all the air was let out of the old tires. The last 90 sec., sprint felt like a 90 MINUTE sprint. But I got it done and I didn't pass out from dehydration or heat exhaustion. Surprising because I was sweating a freakin' river. After the workout, I had a huge craving for ice cream in the worst way. I managed to talk my friend into stopping on our way home. It was the best ice cream cone EVER on the plant -- vanilla dipped in butterscotch. Heavenly.

Saturday I am scheduled to run 2 hours 45 minutes. Weather is supposed to be awesome. YAY!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Back on the Wagon

This week I got back on the wagon with training. Completed five days of running in a row. A first for me in a long time. Granted the training calls for six runs, but I know my body and that is too much for me. Five seemed to work for me and I am going to try to stick with it for the next couple weeks.

Last Tuesday was the first long tempo run. 30 minutes of hard effort, but not so hard that you fatigue and can't finish the tempo. It is a hard balance to find. I think I balanced it well because I finished the tempo run knowing that I couldn't have gone faster or further if you had put a gun to my head. Oh yeah, and the sensation of wanting to vomit. That is when you know you did it right. I managed to stay with a cosistent 8:30 pace and not vomit.

Saturday was the torturous long run; two and half hours of rolling hills. I cannot explain how hard this run is on you physically and mentally. The hills are just brutal. And you have to run them over, and over again. Eventually, I will running 20+ miles on these rolling hills. All I keep thinking is if I can do 20 miles here, look out Philly! Which by the way, I have switched my marathon from Steamtown in October to Philadelphia in November. I will be turning the big 40 that weekend.

Today, I ran with Trac's group. An easy 3 miles. It was glorious. Boy, do I miss the days of 3 mile runs. It was a hard, hard, day because Trac left for Florida today. Brutal. My best friend is leaving and I don't know when I will see her again. We cried, hugged and vowed to see each other soon. I know change is a part of life, but it sucks. Bad. I am going to miss her so much. Sonofabitch. Where is the gin.