Sunday, April 26, 2009

Meet the Neighbors

This weekend we've had record temps for CNY. Saturday was 86 degrees! In April! With the weather being so warm everyone is outside doing yard work or just soaking up some vitamin D.

The couple that bought the house behind us we've finally meet. Well, actually Bill did. The house they bought was a total pit and the people that lived there were....ummmmm....were not exactly neighbors you want to have. The kids were awful and had no sense of boundaries and they were pigs. Let's just say there were cheers heard all around our neighborhood when they left. But when they did leave, they left the house in total shambles and it was bought at a rock bottom price by some house flippers.

Bill was talking to the new owner and said there are pictures on a website of what the house looked like before. It is something to been seen. Anyway, they were talking and she was telling Bill about when they were out back trying to clear out the overgrown brush, trees, etc. They were cutting down a dead and hollow tree. But when they started to cut it down the saw was getting hung up. They couldn't figure out why the hell the saw was getting stopped because the tree was hollow. Then they looked inside the tree. It was FULL OF CLOTHES. Say it with me. W. T. F.?

Interesting tidbit number two. Our backyard is huge and the back half is wooded and not used because we want it that way. We like looking out our porch to our little woods. However, over the years when we go back there to do some brush clean up we come across cans, beer bottles, various plastics, and other weird objects. It was like the would appear out of nowhere! There were times when I was SURE I just cleaned up an area when I would find all sorts of stuff that I was sure I couldn't have missed. Well the mystery was solved.

Bill was out back when a soda can came flying over the back privacy fence into our yard. Bill quickly ran out, picked up the can and told the people that live behind the fence to please do not throw things over the fence into our yard. The reply was, "Oh I am so sorry. I thought it was an empty lot." WHAT?! Oh, that makes it okay. And as if that wasn't a head scratcher enough, they offered to take the can back and throw it away.

People. Are. Insane.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Electrician was supposed to arrive at 8 a.m. this morning. Instead, found out around 9 a.m. he couldn't make it due to an emergency. Now, I am hoping everything is okay because I will feel like a real asshole for bitching. He is supposed to be here on Thursday and dear husband is taking another day off. I am just hoping this isn't a sneak preview of what it is going to be like we when really start doing the major renovation work.
My motivation for running is at an all time low. In 2 weeks I am registered to run a half in PA and not really looking forward to it because my training has been lack luster to say the least. Not sure how to get the motivation back. Maybe warmer weather will help.
Pups are doing great. This past Sunday we took them to park for a six-legged 5k race to help raise money for the local SPCA. It was a lot of fun and we had lots of comments on how well behaved our greyhounds where. Our chests were puffed out like proud parents. Anyway, the coolest part was watching the dogs come across the finish line with their humans. The dogs tongues were hanging out, sparkle in their eye, a wag in their tail and ready to do it again. The humans. Not so much. They were looking like they were ready to pass out.

Friday, April 10, 2009


Huge progress this week! The slipcovers were delivered and they look FANTASTIC. I love them. Here is our love seat naked.
And now dressed.
You are probably thinking off white with dogs!? WTH? But let me assure you this fabric is durable heavy cotton that has been scotch guarded so dirt, hair and grime will wipe right away. The woman who made them for us washed them in hot water and dried them to make sure they fit like a glove. The slipcovers are really easy to take off and put back on. I couldn't be happier with the end result.
Then I got a call that our rug was ready to be delivered! Whoo hooo! I cleared out the room and cleaned the floors so all they had to do was drop it and go. As you can see John has already made himself at home on the love seat. I didn't want to take any chances with muddy paw prints and put a blanket down just in case. Anyway, here is our room naked.

Better picture of the rug and Sophie.

The dogs love the rug because it is so soft and plush. Hopefully they will decide the floor is more comfortable than the couches. Yeah, right.
We still have lots to do! We are waiting for an estimate from the electrician. Yikes. After that work is done I can paint! It is all coming together and we hope it will all be finished by the first week of May and within budget. Keep your fingers crossed!

Monday, April 06, 2009

Greyhound Concert


While I had the camera to take the picture of the mirror wall I was treated to a special greyhound concert. I had always wondered how long a Roofest would last.

We are making progress with the remodeling projects for the house. This weekend we finally bit the bullet and tackled the 70's mirror wall in the foyer. We have been dreading for years trying to take this bastard down. Visions of millions of pieces of glass going everywhere and just the general pain in the ass of trying to take it down has kept us from doing it. Now we don't have a choice because we are getting the foyer wallpapered in a few weeks so it had to come down. And being the cheap ass I am I didn't want to pay someone to do it.

Bill had the brilliant (he is so freakin' smart) idea of putting clear contact paper over the mirrors. It worked beautifully!!! As you can see below this is half of the mirrored wall covered in the contact paper. It was hard wrestling with the contact paper because it likes to twist and turn and stick to itself, but if you did small sections at a time it was manageable with few curse words.

Bill then scored the lines between the pieces. Then he started at the top left hand corner by sticking the metal shive (can't think of the name of the tool) underneath the mirror. Then he worked it so that he could separate the mirror from the sticky adhesive they used on each corner. THANK YOU Jesus that had only use stick adhesive on 4 corners of the mirror. All we had to do was separate them and off came the mirror totally intact! It was beautiful! We didn't break one and we were done in 15 minutes.

This is the wall afterwards with a nice coat of spackle. What a difference!!
At the end of the month we should have a date for the install of the front entry-way door, storm door, sidelights, bay window and replacement windows in the upstairs part of the house. Wooo hoo!!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

What the....

I am going to start wearing a t-shirt that reads "What the f**k?" and underneath will have my top 10 WTF's. Number one on my list will be people who TEXT WHEN DRIVING. I have heard of people doing this, but never witnessed it. That is until today.

Picture it. A woman driving down the highway changing lanes without a turn signal (of course). Back and forth, back and forth. Finally I am in a position to pass her and what do I see. Her driving with her knees and texting. I almost shat myself because I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Really?! Really. Please people. For the love of God just CALL like everyone else. At least you can keep your eyes on the freaking road.

#2 on my WTF list also deals with cell phones. Such as people who believe that talking on their cell phone in a public bathroom is okay. I had once heard a girl talking on her cell phone in the stall. Let me ask you, how do you wipe while trying to hold the phone?! What if you get a little bit of poo on your hands and touch the phone. It didn't matter to this girl because she walked out of the stall without washing her hands holding her poo phone and chatting away.

This t-shirt is going to end up being a nightshirt.