Friday, December 18, 2009

This was on today. Thank you, Donna. This totally brought a smile to my face this morning.

To the Editor:

Let’s look at the bright side of winter.

Top ten terrific things about cold weather:
  1. Zero mosquitoes
  2. Stay clean walking across frozen mud
  3. Under 20 degrees Farenheit justifies hot chocolate
  4. Snow squeaks under 14 degrees Farenheit
  5. Boiling water thrown outside turns to vapor under 5 degrees Farenheit
  6. Fill driveway potholes with water
  7. Sundogs
  8. Men and cats become really affectionate
  9. Ice skating
  10. Rude gestures ineffective in mittens.

Top ten terrific things about snow:

  1. Animal tracks
  2. Junk in neighbor’s yard looks much nicer
  3. Free unlimited sculpture material
  4. Snow forts and snowball fights
  5. Snow angels (child, adult and canine)
  6. Snowshoeing and skiing
  7. Snowed on dog smells better than rained on dog
  8. You can tell if the mailman has been by
  9. Moonlight on sparkly snow
  10. Your neighbor just shoveled off your car by mistake.

My favorite - Sundogs. Our hounds LOVE to lay in the sun in the living room. We have a huge bay window and on those days when the sun is streaming in our dogs lay around like bloated beached seals soaking up the rays. Maybe, I should try it.

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