Sunday, November 01, 2009

Turning the Corner

What the hell happened to me? When did I turn the corner in my training? For a long time I thought I was getting slower and was feeling depressed. I was running slower, I had a hamstring injury and things just sucked. I felt like all the proverbial chips were against me. Then today, things changed.

This morning I felt really good. Could it be the 2 Tylenol I downed before the run or the BioFreeze I slathered all over my legs? Maybe. Or it could have been the half of pizza I gobbled down the night before. Regardless, something clicked in today. I can only PRAY it stays clicked.

Our pace stayed around 10:30 for the first 7 miles. From mile 7 to 11 we sped it up to be in the mid 10's. Mile 12 - 10:08! But here is the shocker of the run -- mile 18 - 9:55! SSSSSHHHHHIIIIITTTTTT!!!!! Mile 19 - 10:03 - Mile 20 - 10:03 - Mile 21 -10:04 - Mile 22 - 9:51 - GET THE FU** OUT OF HERE.

Overall average pace for today was 10:19. This is by far the fastest I have run in a very, very long time. Please, oh please, let the good running mojo stick around for another 3 weeks.

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