Monday, November 23, 2009

Philadelphia Marathon Race Report

We arrived in Philadelphia around 2:30 on Friday. We arrive at the Best Western which was in a perfect location and was within walking distance to many things. However, the start line wasn't one of them. It was 2 miles away. The Philadelphia marathon website said it was .15 from the start. Ummm, dude, I think you misplaced a decimal point.

We took a nice walk around the neighborhood and we passed by Morimoto's (the Iron Chef) restaurant and I started ooooh'ing and aaaaah'ing because I love Morimoto and always wanted to try his cuisine. Low and behold, my darling husband made reservations there a few months ago as a surprise. Hee, hee!!!! Damn, I am one lucky girl!

The restaurant was gorgeous! My only complaint is that the front of house staff must not have had a good impression of us because they sat us at the very last booth, by the kitchen, by the check-in area for the staff. There were a ton of tables empty and it just struck me a little strange that we were sort of hidden. Oh well, the food was still out of this world! Worth every penny.

Saturday we headed to the expo to pick up our packets. The place was a MAD HOUSE. It reminded me of the shopping frenzy the day after Thanksgiving. The merchandise was completely picked over, people elbowing each other (not really), babies crying (not really), and a few fist fights (not really).

Sunday. The big day. I had three goals: To finish, to keep a 10:30 pace and to end strong. I am proud to say I accomplished all three!

We started out nice and easy. The first part of the course went through the historical parts of Philadelphia and was very cool! But I will tell you this. If anyone tells you that this course if flat is LYING! This is NOT a flat course. The hills are terrible (if you train for them). There are two that people fell victim -- the one by Drexler University and one by a park. So if you are running Philly, my advice is to train for hills. You will be thankful. I know I was! They barely phased me...going up that is...going down...different story.

My right knee started bothering me around mile 5, but it worked itself out. So I thought. When I crossed the finished line my knee was toast. It was so extremely painful. Not even in my training had any part of my body hurt like this. It's been almost a week and my knee still has some pain. Sonofabitch. ANYWAY, the longest part of the course is the out and back after you pass the halfway point. It is brutal. Mile 13-20 seems to go on FOREVER. Oh, and there is a hill at mile 17! Bastards.

Bill meet me around mile 23 and thank God!! I am not kidding when I tell you that from mile 23 to 26 I barely remember a thing. It was a total out of body experience. What I do remember is passing A LOT of people. Then, I heard Bill say - "honey, you only have a quarter mile left..I will see you at the finish line" It was like he splashed cold water on my face! I woke up and FLEW to the finish line!!!

It was a great race, well organized and a hell of a lot of fun!


All my tomorrows said...

YAYYYYYY!!!!! Great job! I laughed at the "hills" thing..isn't that always the way it is? "Our Marathon is FLAT". BUULLLS****T! Excuse my french. They ALWAYS lie. lol.

Way to run it! The aching knee will be a distant memory but the sense of accomplishment and the medal are FOREVER!

(P.S. How jealous am I about Morimoto? Yes, your DH is a GOOD MAN. How fun).

Hooray and congrats from me!

Jen said...

You didn't run in those shoes, did you??

I am sooo proud! CONGRATS!


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