Saturday, October 24, 2009

New Look

Felt it was time to change things up a bit with the old blog. The photo cracks me up and I love that you can sort of see John's snaggle tooth.

The past couple weeks have been action packed. We've been dog sitting and had the in-law's visit for a few days. I am SO lucky to have great in-law's. I hear stories all the time from friends about how they don't get along with their in-laws (fights, passive aggresive behaviors) that it makes me realize just how lucky I am.

On Wednesday, when our guests arrived we headed out to do a little letterboxing. It was the first time for D&B and my hubby. We had a blast. I forgot how much fun it was to go letterboxing. If you haven't tried it, try it at least once. Letterboxing got me out and about in Syracuse. I've been to places I never knew existed.

This morning, I went out the Green Lakes to conquer the "Bowls" one more time before Philly. I just had to run them one last time. The hills were as hard as ever, totally kicked my ass and at one point I thought my heart exploded in my chest. However, for the first time I ran them TWICE! BOOM BABY!

The Bowls put the marathon in perspective for me. If I can do 2.5 hours (over 13 miles) on hills that make you feel like you can't get enough air and your heart is working its way out of your body, then I can do a marathon. When I am going up the hill that seems to never end, feeling like I can't go any further, but end up at the top, then I can do a marathon. The bowls are a neccessary evil and thank you God, I don't have to do them again till next year.


Shannon said...

I haven't checked blogs in quite a while and thought I had the wrong one! Love the new pic, is that Rim's privates that you are showcasing? OF COURSE you are ready for the marathon! You have done all the training, now we just need the big day! Bring it on!!!

IHateToast said...

Love the new look and the hint of snaggle.

If you want something to think about for the marathon, I have a funny story. My husband ran the Spirit of Survival mary in Lawton, OK. He met Bart Yasso, who told him about running a race in Kenya. He came in at 2:30, but everyone had packed up. when he found the other runners, they told him that they just pack up after 2:15 and don't wait for the "slow" runners.

2:30 is slow to someone. That made my day. If I get to run a full, or even a half during a full, I'll smile knowing that those coming in at 2:30 are slow in Kenya.

Bridget said...

That is the BEST story ever. HA!

runswithdog said...

Love the penis.

DPaz said...

I'm diggin the new look.