Sunday, October 04, 2009

Indian Lake 2009

Back from our annual trip to Indian Lake in the Adirondacks. It was exactly what the doctor ordered to get the soul and mind replenished. The picture above is what greeted us each morning.

The dogs did great, which is no surprise because they are greyhounds! I am sorry, maybe I am a little bias, but greyhounds are awesome travelers. We did have one little scare on our last day. We were walking the dogs down the road back to the cabin when across the street I see the neighbor get out of his truck with his Sheep dog, Percy. Percy, didn't like seeing other dogs in his neighborhood and made a bee line right over Route 30 to us. Now, my gut instinct told me Percy wasn't coming over to play. His stance and the look in his eye was not of, "hey neighbors!" I reacted without even thinking about it and put Sophie and Maggie behind me, stood in the road in an aggressive stance and was saying "NO" in my God voice while trying to maintain eye contact with Percy. Meanwhile, Percy's owner came running over yelling, PERCY, PERCY!! Percy wasn't listening. Finally, he was able to get Percy by the collar and said "sorry" and went back across the street. How none of us were not creamed by a truck or car still amazes me. Anyway, we headed back to the cabin no worse the wear so I could change my pants.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures:

I love the look on this duck's face! He is like a bad ass with feathers.
John, looking utterly adorable.

Sophie looking bored shitless.

One of the sad thing we are coming to realize is that Maggie may not be joining us next year because this hiking was too much for her little old lady legs. It was like she had the will, but her back legs didn't not want to work. Once, we had to carry her back to the cabin because she just couldn't get her back legs to work. After much needed rest, she was fine, but the hiking was just too much for her. Makes me so sad.

Oh, and I didn't run at all. Nope. Have no excuse other than I didn't want to! So there! Better get my ass in gear because Philly will be here before I know it. Crap.


All my tomorrows said...

Those are lovely. The duck is awesome. :-)

bazu said...

Love those photos! I'm glad you guys had a good time- and love that badass duck!