Monday, September 07, 2009

Landscaping 911

My sister came to visit this weekend and decided it was time that our front yard needed some serious help. My sis is a professional landscaper so the sight that greeter her was too much for her.

Before - EGADS!

After - is this the same house? She planted beautiful mums for fall, and a some gorgeous blue stars (an evergreen).

Before - not too bad, but it wasn't good either.After - it looks so pretty!!! Those two bushes were a BITCH to get out. The first one took us two hours, many curse words, and a few blisters to get the roots. But worth it! She planted more mums, a purple plum tree, bowling balls (I can't spell the really long name) and more blue stars. Everything is easy low maintenance. She knows me so well.
Had to do around the mailbox too! I love mums.

Here we pulled out the huge overgrown tree and planted grass that will grow really tall. Rimmy LOVES this type of grass to root around in.

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Jen said...


It was so nice seeingyou last weekend, and seeing your garden in person. Yay!