Saturday, September 12, 2009

20 Miles...check

Today was the day. The first 20 mile run. But first, let me give you some background.

Tuesday, was a tempo workout and I managed to maintain an average 8:30 pace for 40 minutes. Second mile was my best -- 7:59 mile! I was so happy. My legs? Not so much. The tempo just tore up my legs...bad.

Thursday, I headed out for a easy 60 minutes. There was nothing easy about this run. When I took my first steps it hurt so bad. Not like, my legs are sore hurt, but shooting pain in both legs pain. For a minute I didn't think I could run, but hobbled (literally) for 5 miles. When I finished I was scared. What the hell did I do to my legs and how bad is it? Is all my hard work going to be for nothing?

Today, I get to the run site and inform Coach Kevin about the run on Thursday. He advises to run for 90 minutes and see how the legs feel. If the pain works itself out and I can keep going, keep going.

We start out and the first few miles hurt...a lot. It was SLOW going and around mile 3 I thought for sure the 20 mile day was going to be another day. However, about an hour in to the run the legs warmed up and the pain wasn't too bad. The decision was made -- keep going.

Mile 17-20 were HARD!!!! Strategy was to get through it one mile at a time. After each beep of the Garmin I would tell myself...only 3 miles...only 2 miles...less than 2 miles...only a mile...less than a mile. We finally hit 20 miles at 3 hours and 41 minutes. The emotion of completing those 20 miles is indescribable. My legs were killing me, but I felt triumphant!! I did it. 20 miles. Only six more to go.

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Shannon said...

WOOOHOOO Philly here we come!!!!!!