Thursday, August 20, 2009

Where is the Easy button?

Why does buying a car have to be such a big cluster sometimes?

Saturday, we head down to Fuccillo Hyundai in Syracuse. We test drive a Hyundai Santa Fe Limited. Nice car and we are willing to buy. We are also wanting to buy another Santa Fe. Yes, a two car deal. Reason being, we are getting rid of the van and Bill has a truck. We need to have two cars to transport 4 greyhounds. Anyway, we want to take advantage of the Cash for Clunkers deal.

We were going to use my van for the Santa Fe. Come to find out. It doesn't qualify. Shit. What it does qualify for is the Hyundai Tucson AWD. Bill likes the Tuscon, but what we don't like about it are the step rails on the side. They can't take the step rails off without us paying for them because they are on the invoice. Okay. Find us another one just like it without the step rails.

A week, and two "we found one" later, we ended up buying the one on the lot, paying for the step rails, that they took off. TWICE, they said they found a car, TWICE they called back saying it was sold. TWICE they reminded us that Cash for Clunkers was ending this weekend. We. Got. Hosed.

Thursday, I can pick up my Santa Fe (have to wait for some financial things). I asked several times while we were picking up the Tucson that my car WILL be there on Thursday and that they will NOT let anyone test drive it. I was assured that it will be there and won't have extra miles on it. It better not or else, we walk.

Will keep you posted.

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bazu said...

you went to Fucillo? was it... wait for it... wait for it...