Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Speed hurts. Last night was 'short interval' training. For some people, this is their favorite workout. Those people are nuts. You heard

Coach Kevin had us do our warm-up of 15 minutes around the track. Then we stretched and he talked. We were to run 60 sec., 90 sec., 30 sec. hard with a 90 sec. recovery in-between. Advanced, which I unfortunately fall into, not because I am a good, have to do 4 sets. Shit. THEN, we have do to 4 sets of - 100 yrd. sprints. Sonofabitch.

Yesterday, it was 90 degrees. Figures. I do okay with the first three sets. #4 - all the air was let out of the old tires. The last 90 sec., sprint felt like a 90 MINUTE sprint. But I got it done and I didn't pass out from dehydration or heat exhaustion. Surprising because I was sweating a freakin' river. After the workout, I had a huge craving for ice cream in the worst way. I managed to talk my friend into stopping on our way home. It was the best ice cream cone EVER on the plant -- vanilla dipped in butterscotch. Heavenly.

Saturday I am scheduled to run 2 hours 45 minutes. Weather is supposed to be awesome. YAY!

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Shannon said...

I have run with you many times and have NEVER been rewarded with ice cream. Sheesh.