Thursday, August 13, 2009


Wrecked the van today on the way to the vets. Isn't life just grand (said with deep sarcasm).

Totally my fault too. At a light, distracted by Echo yowling in the carrier next to me. Thought the HUGE truck with the stainless steel thingy hanging off the back was moving. It wasn't. Took my foot off the brake, van pulled forward, BOOM, right into the back of the truck.

Of course, the truck doesn't have a scratch. Driver barely felt the tap. My van didn't fare that well.

Doesn't look to bad from the above angle does it? Just the headlight sticking out at the side. But then you move to the front...


And you have to have a matching pair! Headlight on the other side.


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bazu said...

oh nooooooo! are you ok?