Sunday, August 09, 2009

Living Room - DONE!

I am finally posting pictures of our finished living room and foyer! Joyce did a wonderful job picking things that were 'us'. I couldn't be happier with the decision to go with a decorator and adore these two rooms. **Warning: I SUCK at taking pictures.

I am totally in love with these lamps. The shade is a beautiful sheer gold with a solid shade underneath.
I am the luckiest woman alive to have a husband that has a hobby of building furniture. Bill did an amazing job with the tables.

This is the gorgeous oil painting my sister bought for us. The colors are so rich and I can sit and stare at it all day.
Sophie with devil eyes. The grass cloth gives such warmth to the foyer. The texture is wonderful too. We are going to put a french door where the baby gate is right now. That way we can get the light from the front door coming to the back of the house.

The color of the rugs and the shape really make the foyer pop.

I love this space. This was the horrible wall of mirrors! Now it is simple and elegant.


DPaz said...

Room needs a Carrie Underwood poster. Besides that I have to admit it's pretty awesome.

runswithdog said...

I adore those foyer rugs and Bill's tables. Does he ship furniture? LOL

Jen said...

Love that grass wallpaper!

All my tomorrows said...

That looks like something out of Dwell Magazine. I love it! very trendalicious~!