Sunday, July 05, 2009

The "Bowl"

This Saturday was my first experience running 'the bowl' at Green Lakes. I have one word to explain the bowl: Pain.

This is a screen shot from my Garmin of the elevation. Just to give you a little visual of the hills we are expected to run...over and over. I could only do an hour, 45 minutes. I was supposed to do two hours, 30 minutes. Ummmmm...that would be a negative.

The entire bowl is 7 miles. Which means, I will end up running it 3 times by the end of the training...*sob*

The first half of the bowl is short (about 2.5 miles, but the hill at the beginning is brutal (long w/steady incline for what seems forever) but not NEARLY as bad as the mother of all hills on the other side of the bowl. I can't even describe how hard, awful, terrifying it is to run. However, I can tell you that I pitched a fit when I found out we had to turn around and run up it. Oh, yes, a certified temper tantrum. We reach the end of this downhill and I ask the girls "right or left?" They say, "neither, we turn around and go back up." My response, "no fucking way" They say "Yep." I, then proceed to stomp my feet, wave my arms and yell. Didn't matter, the only way out, was back up. We did it, it hurt and I will be back to do it again next Saturday. God help me.

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Jen said...

Wow, is that the bowl at Green Lakes that is really gravelly? Down the road from the main entrance? That hill is really steep!