Monday, June 22, 2009

This week, my workout schedule is BRUTAL. How the hell did it happen? It was a perfect storm, everything coming together to take me down. But I won't let it happen I tell you!

Tomorrow - Corporate Challenge race. It is on the parkway, no shade, hot, hot, and hot. I ran the parkway after work tonight and ewwww, boy, it was warm. It is like the parkway is getting pre-heated for tomorrow race. Nice.

Wednesday - 6 a.m. - Hill workout. Since I am running the Corporate Challenge I thought I was getting out the Tuesday night hill workout. Oh no. Nope. Instead, I am meeting my coach and friend Kelle (who I blame fully for this) at the parkway to run hills. WTF.

Wednesday night - Teach my yoga class. Will be needing a little Zen.

Thursday night - Subbing Kelle's Boilermaker class. Find out this is their longest run....of NINE MILES! Son-of-a-bitch.

Friday - heading to Ohio for parent's 50th wedding anniversary. NO exercise. Woooo hoooo!

Saturday - Two hours and 15 minute run. That is if my legs will work.

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