Monday, June 01, 2009

Steamtown: A marathon decision

After much debate I have finally decided upon a marathon. My first marathon will be the Steamtown Marathon in Scranton, PA on October 11, 2009. Hotel reservations have been made, but I haven't been able to bring myself to actually register for the race. Just the thought of it makes me want to vomit.

The reason why I picked Steamtown is that I've heard from several people (okay 2) that it is a extremely well organized race, great crowds and the course is fast. However, after reading some of the comments it looks like I have a lot of hill training in my future. Even though the first 8 miles is downhill that can play hell on your quads. And the evil bastards put a steep hill at the END of the race. Son-0f-a-bitch. The comments from runners who have done this race said to make sure to train for downhill and uphill running. Great. Just what I love to do. NOT!


Michael Sally said...

Great - are you following a training program?

Bridget said...

Yep. Started the 1st Marathon Training with Kevin Collins (qualified for the olympics and ran a 2:15 marathon) I plan to do everything he tells me to do. We are 4 weeks into the training. Soon we will start hill workouts. GROAN!!!

Jen said...

Huh, I guess that means you are snubbing Dewey again? :oP


Bridget said...

OR you could spend the weekend in Scranton. And you do know that you have to go by Scranton to get to Dewey..hint...hint.