Thursday, May 28, 2009

Clear as Glass

This week has been CRAZY busy with the house. The time had finally come to replace the horrible, rotting, might as well just hand Nimo your paycheck, windows.

We contracted Pace Windows and they did an awesome job. The crews that came in were great and clearly knew what the hell they were doing. They were the type of guys that cared about what they were doing and treated our house like it was their own. So to Jim, Jeff, Andrew and Stacey....THANK YOU!!! You rock!

The first project they tackled was the monster front window. Here is a front view and inside view.
This thing just SUCKED our wallets for eight years. We were so happy to see it go. And here is a little photo montage of how they got this beast out.

And here is the HUGE HOLE IN MY HOUSE! I was waiting for a bird to fly right in at any moment.

I *heart* our new window. Isn't it lovely!

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