Sunday, April 26, 2009

Meet the Neighbors

This weekend we've had record temps for CNY. Saturday was 86 degrees! In April! With the weather being so warm everyone is outside doing yard work or just soaking up some vitamin D.

The couple that bought the house behind us we've finally meet. Well, actually Bill did. The house they bought was a total pit and the people that lived there were....ummmmm....were not exactly neighbors you want to have. The kids were awful and had no sense of boundaries and they were pigs. Let's just say there were cheers heard all around our neighborhood when they left. But when they did leave, they left the house in total shambles and it was bought at a rock bottom price by some house flippers.

Bill was talking to the new owner and said there are pictures on a website of what the house looked like before. It is something to been seen. Anyway, they were talking and she was telling Bill about when they were out back trying to clear out the overgrown brush, trees, etc. They were cutting down a dead and hollow tree. But when they started to cut it down the saw was getting hung up. They couldn't figure out why the hell the saw was getting stopped because the tree was hollow. Then they looked inside the tree. It was FULL OF CLOTHES. Say it with me. W. T. F.?

Interesting tidbit number two. Our backyard is huge and the back half is wooded and not used because we want it that way. We like looking out our porch to our little woods. However, over the years when we go back there to do some brush clean up we come across cans, beer bottles, various plastics, and other weird objects. It was like the would appear out of nowhere! There were times when I was SURE I just cleaned up an area when I would find all sorts of stuff that I was sure I couldn't have missed. Well the mystery was solved.

Bill was out back when a soda can came flying over the back privacy fence into our yard. Bill quickly ran out, picked up the can and told the people that live behind the fence to please do not throw things over the fence into our yard. The reply was, "Oh I am so sorry. I thought it was an empty lot." WHAT?! Oh, that makes it okay. And as if that wasn't a head scratcher enough, they offered to take the can back and throw it away.

People. Are. Insane.

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IHateToast said...

creepy. was it the new or old neighbours who were tossing garbage into your backyard?