Sunday, March 01, 2009

Say Hello To My Little Friend!

Oh yeah baby! A Dyson Animal! This is the big purchase I was eluding to in my last post. If you can be in love with an inanimate object then I am totally in love with my Dyson.

When I walked in the door from work, there it was waiting for me. I felt like a little kid on Christmas I was so excited. I ripped the box open and promptly started putting it together. It was fairly easy, but there was a few times when we were scratching our heads a bit. See, the instructions are in picture illustrations, no words.

After we snapped on all the pieces I started vacuuming and let me tell you the freakin' HAIR! OMG!!! My husband called it the WOW factor of the Dyson. It didn't take me long to fill the little canister to the 'max' line, but there was a noticeable difference with the carpet. What surprised me is that it didn't feel like it had a lot of suction. I was expecting something that would be hard to push because of the powerful suction. Nope. It went across the carpet smooth and easy.

The other part I love is the BALL!!! Holy crap it is like driving a NASCAR of vacuum cleaners. Turning corners on a dime and showing off in all its snazzy purple glory. The price is hefty, but I find that it is an investment and this vacuum will pay off many years and greyhounds down the road.

Oh, and there was something else that we purchased that I have ALWAYS wanted.

A Kitchen Aid Mixer and the ice cream maker attachment. It may be 17 degrees outside, but damn it I wanted to make some ice cream!

It is my first attempt and I don't think I let it go long enough. One thing I have learned in this first attempt is making ice cream takes time. This isn't something you can just do willy nilly. You have to actually plan for it. And be patient. Not my strongest suit. It is chocolate ice cream with hunks and chunks of walnuts, white chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate and chocolate covered pecans. It won't be ready to eat until tomorrow. WAH!

This version is regular ice cream, but I am planning on my vegan ice cream too. To my vegan friends (and you know who you are) watch out because summer is going to be here soon!


greytblackdog said...

I'm still in love with my Dyson old school version of the pet vac. I've had it for four or five years. I will never have another and gush about it when someone wants to talk about vacs - although that's not very often.

My mom got me a Kitchen Aid stand mixer for my birthday last year. I never thought I would use it very much, but I love it. I've got to check out that ice cream attachment.

Jen said...

*whistle* Those are some handsome appliances there, my friend! ;o)


All my tomorrows said...

Wow. Major jealousy...**covets**

IHateToast said...

when i moved to australia, i did not take the kitchen aid. get real. the wattage was too much of a pain. anyway, i'll get one over there (here), right?

holy cow. the basic--very berry basic wasic--model was >650 australian dollars. i was gutted.

still. it's on my wishlist. now you just made it worse.

experiment away. there's really no such thing as bad ice cream. just don't mix up salt and sugar. ew.

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