Sunday, February 22, 2009

Still running...sort of...

The past two weeks I have been a total slacker when it comes to running. Work has been really busy and it has been hard to get a run in during lunch. If only I could get my lazy ass up and out of bed in the morning. But lets face it. Who the hell wants to get up while it is dark, cold and miserable outside (besides my husband). Speaking of, he had a little incident today on his run. When he was about 4.5 miles from the house he totally wiped out on the trail. Thankfully, nothing broken and/or sprained. He will however, have a nice size bruise on his backside.

In the coming weeks will be doing some remodeling around the house! We decided to jump on board and try our own little economic stimulus here in CNY. First thing is to get a new bay window and entry-way door and upstairs windows. We will be heading out this week to check out some pricing. Be prepared to be bored with pictures.

Oh, and next week. I will reveal the one thing I have always wanted and finally purchased. It should be here shortly and I hope it lives up to its hype!


Jen said...

OMG! I totally want the scoop....


P.S.- Poor Bill! Hope he is okay.

IHateToast said...

oh man. to hurt the ankle that far away. that'd have been a long walk.

funny what yous said about running. my lazy ass is on a break because of my hammy; however, i have a hard time getting up when it's muggy by 8. where is that perfect climate? you know the one where frost bite and boob sweat are non-esistant.

very curious about what you've always wanted.

Jen said...

Hey Missy, I'm still waiting for a blog post WITH photo on that "special purchase." I am DYING to see it..!