Sunday, January 25, 2009

Last Installment

This is the wrap up of our trip to the promise land....errrr...Arizona.

After the race Bill and I hugged Nick and Ed goodbye and headed off to my in-law's house to stay with them for a few days. We arrive and the spoiling continues with them treating us to a fantastic dinner. We sat outside on the patio, had a nice cold beer and watched the bunnies hopping around. Ah, bliss. The coolest part was seeing a coyote out on the golf course! WTF! It was hoping to get a little appetizer of A La Goose. Alas it wasn't successful. Thank goodness! I didn't want to see that before the waitress set my food down.

The next day we went to the Wildlife Zoo. It was a lot of fun.

Mr. Camel looking all smug.

Then we came to a spot where you can walk-up to this platform and feed the Giraffes! The big male was getting his share of treats! You drop the little pellets right on their tongue. Their tongue feels just like a cats except a lot more slime. My hand was coated with giraffe goo. Then in the background you see a little giraffe coming up from behind wanting to get in on the deal. The big one did not like that so the little one thought he/she was being sneaking and went around the side of the platform.

This is the face we see. Can't you just hear him/her "Psssst, over here! Give me some before he sees me!"But the big one DOES notice! And the little one gets an escort to the back of the enclosure. But the little one didn't give up. He/she was very persistent in their sneakiness. Must have been a teenager.

A Merkat on high alert. We decided that our greyhound Sophie looks just like a Merkat in the face. Same little face with a pointed nose and beady eyes. Now this is the way to relax!The entire trip was great and we are so happy we went. It was so depressing to come back to sub zero temps, but soon our summer will be here. And the roles will be reversed. We will be out in the sunshine at noon while people in AZ are in their houses hiding from the 120 degree temps. Sweet revenge.

Before I end I can't leave out Rusty. With her wagging tail and her happy dance to greet us when we came in the door. Gentle gal that wouldn't even know what to do with a rabbit if she caught one and once had to suffer a few days staying with the greyhounds who kicked her out of her own bed.

We miss you guys!

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ihatetoast said...

oh man. what a trip. i loved the photos of the glass sculpture. they were amazing.

i'm also sorry to hear that you got sick. i ran a half sick. dumb. now i was sick before the run. i wasn't just getting it and maaaybe able to beat it, so i'm not calling y our move dumb. and no way would i not run a destination race no matter what. you know how that is, right? i'm sorry you got so sick. chicken skin and no music to distract you. i think you should be proud of the fact that you only lost 6 min when you were sick. your body was already working hard. your calories were going to fighting cruddy cruds. what you did was amazing. you should be proud. you have a new pb: the running ill pb.

love the second meerkat.