Sunday, January 04, 2009


I was about damn time. Today was the first decent run in WEEKS!

Around 9 p.m. Friday night Trac and I decided we were going to switch our days and make our long run on Sunday. Saturday's weather report called for high winds, very low temps and heavy snow. We couldn't do it. We couldn't bring ourselves to run at 7 a.m. in those conditions for the 9th week in a row. Sunday looked MUCH better with sun and no wind. So we said screw it we are running Sunday. It was the best decision EVER.

Our friend Mary met us at 10 a.m. for our 2.5 hour run. This was the longest Mary has ever ran before and she just started running last summer. She did fantastic. Unofficially she ran her first half-marathon today. Woooo hoooo!

The sun was shining, the temps were low, but the path was clear. It was great to be running on clear roads again. It made all the difference in the world. My leg held up and wasn't bothering me too much, which makes me extremely happy. All of us keep a really steady pace of around 11 mm. We did 13.5 miles. At the end I didn't feel crippled. It was a great feeling and is really getting me excited for the P.F. Chang.

P.S. We received our bib numbers. Mine is 28093. HOLY SHIT.


IHateToast said...

you're doing RnR AZ?
pardon my ignerinz, but i've been away. i did my first RnR in san antonio. it was great fun. i think you'll love it.

how did you get holy shit on your bib? ;-)

p.s. my word verif? wootific. that's you. you're wootific!

All my tomorrows said...

yep, mid-morning runs rule. Yawn.

BIG NUMBER on that bib! is your name on it, too? That is always a mixed bag at mile 25 when people are yelling "Go XXXX...go XXXX!" and on one hand you are happy there's still someone on the course rooting for you and on the other you want them to STFU and not notice you're about to collapse. LOL.

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