Sunday, November 30, 2008

Do you like Indian food? Then you must try this recipe off of vegweb. It is delicious!!!!! Check out the 2nd comment down. I took his/her advice and added coconut milk and gram marsala. OMG. Seriously. It is devine!

The running has been going well. I have notice a difference in my endurance and my speed. Before I would only run 2, maybe 3 times a week. This training calls for running 6 days a week. The key is 'light' running in-between our training runs. This light running supports the training. It works. The only thing that is pissing me off is that my legs still hurt. I thought for sure the soreness would be gone. The weird thing is when I do run my legs feel good for the most part. It is when I stop that it freakin' hurts. This week I am going to make more of an effort to drink more water than usual and tomorrow....a massage of just the lower half. Damn it hurts, but in a good way. It is just frustrating. So santa, all I want for Christmas is no sore legs.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Running in Central New York in the winter is, lets just say, challenging. Especially when you live in a place that uses the term 'snow band' everyday in the local news. This week and for the foreseeable future it is to snow every freakin' day.

Friday was a flurry of emails about where and if we were going to be able to get out for our long run on Saturday. The region was to get about 6-9 inches of snow on Friday and several more inches Saturday morning. It took me an hour to get home from work because the roads were awful. So when Kevin, our fearless trainer called for a brief moment my hopes raised that the run would be cancelled. Hell no. It was just moved to the Onondaga Lake Park because they plow the main trail. CRAP!

Trac picked me up at 6:45 a.m. and off we went. We get there and it is snowing, the parking lot and trail hasn't been plowed yet. Probably because they assumed people would be out this early in the snow. This is the first time for me running during the winter. I feel like I am on a steep learning curve. Saturday I had overdressed slightly and learned that buying a neck gaiter is a must. My chin felt like it was going to fall off.

The start of the run was nice and I do have to say, the Parkway was beautiful that early in the morning. Everything was covered with freshly fallen snow making everything around you sparkle. When the sun came out the sky was a gorgeous shade of blue. The plows came out and started working on the trail and then it went downhill. They were plowing but not salting! Hence, everything became a solid sheet of ice. There were a few times during the run we did the...wooooooooooo sound. You know, when you hit that little bit of ice and your feet slip out from you a little and you go...woooooo! An hour and 45 minutes of wooooooooo!

By the end of the run my legs hurt. My knee, my hips, my ass, everything from the waist down. Kevin caught up with us before we left and we must have looked a sight. The look of complete worry on his face! He called Tracy later that day to see how we were doing. He is such a good coach.

All I can say is that running in the 17 degree snowy weather is going to make me a tougher runner. At least I hope so!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me - My Butt Hurts

Sing with me.... Happy Birthday dear Bridget, whose butt hurts because of running hills last niiiiiight, Happy Birthday to you.

Yes, today is the start of my 39th year. One more year left until I wave bye bye to my 30's and hello to 40. Don't know how I feel about that yet. Maybe it is due to the fact I work with 19-22 year olds EVERY DAY!

Onto explaining why my butt hurts. Marathon training has been going well. Last night was our first 'hard' workout and it consisted of hill repeats. Run hard up and slow down. It was colder than a witches boob in a brass bra. Not that I know how cold a witches boob is, but I would gather it would be really cold. With it being so cold and all of us sucking wind (hard) the lungs were burning. Oh baby were they a burning. Because of that I didn't realize how much my arse hurt. Till this morning. Maybe it is symbolic of this whole birthday thing?

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Another cup of Kool-aid

I love it when we turn the clocks back and we get that glorious extra hour of sleep. I know it sucks that it is pitch flippin' black at 6 p.m., but I will take it to be able to sleep in an extra hour.
And it will be nice to be running when it is light out. Let me explain.

Trac has yet again slipped me some Kool-aid. We signed up for 10 weeks of training with former elite athlete Kevin Collins. The man qualified for the Olympic marathon and has many other impressive credentials. Saturday we met him for the first time to find out about the training before we committed. Saturday morning at 7 a.m.!!!! It was DARK outside. On a SATURDAY. I don't DO early. Ever. So getting my ass out of bed and in the car was no easy feat.

When I got there a lot of people had shown up. I would say about a dozen people in all ranges of training. Many have already taken Kevin's 20 week training that was in May. Anyway, it was freezing!!!!! My first thought is how the fuck are we going to do this in December when the snow if flying!! Oh that is going to suck. Kevin explained the training and it seems doable. We run 6 days a week, 2 of those days are with him (Saturday's and Tuesday's). Saturday's are the long runs and Tuesday's will be hill, tempo or speed workouts. The rest of the week Trac and I will run 30-40 minutes easy. We log each run and Kevin will check our logs every Saturday.

It will be hard to get my brain wrapped around timed running instead of distance. I have been so focused on getting the mileage in that this will be an adjustment. The true test of the training will be in January when Bill and I run the PF Chang Half Marathon in Arizona. If Trac and I like the training and feel good we will go for the 20 week program in May. Holy shit. Training for a marathon. I can't believe it.