Saturday, December 20, 2008

Well, that sucked!

Today's long run was not fun! Friday the region was smacked with a lot of snow. Up to a foot in some areas. We were hoping that just maybe our trainer would call off the run. Ummmmm, no. He said it would be good practice for us to life our knees up higher. DAMN that is just mean.

Needless to say it was cold. I was running in so many layers! I felt like the kid brother in the Christmas Story when the mother was getting him ready for school! I can hardly wait to run in AZ. It is going to be like running in paradise. Even if it is 50 and raining it will be better than the crap we have been running in lately. We ran at the Parkway and even though the plowed a little there was still quite a bit of snow on the trail. It was like running in sand. I really wanted to go 2 hours, but I couldn't do it. At an 1 hour 51 minutes I was at the end of the trail and could see my car. I decided I had enough and wanted to go home.

My leg held up pretty well. Mostly because I was going so slow! I mean SLOW. My butt cheeks hurt more than my quad! Running in snow sure is a good workout for the hiney.

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