Sunday, November 02, 2008

Another cup of Kool-aid

I love it when we turn the clocks back and we get that glorious extra hour of sleep. I know it sucks that it is pitch flippin' black at 6 p.m., but I will take it to be able to sleep in an extra hour.
And it will be nice to be running when it is light out. Let me explain.

Trac has yet again slipped me some Kool-aid. We signed up for 10 weeks of training with former elite athlete Kevin Collins. The man qualified for the Olympic marathon and has many other impressive credentials. Saturday we met him for the first time to find out about the training before we committed. Saturday morning at 7 a.m.!!!! It was DARK outside. On a SATURDAY. I don't DO early. Ever. So getting my ass out of bed and in the car was no easy feat.

When I got there a lot of people had shown up. I would say about a dozen people in all ranges of training. Many have already taken Kevin's 20 week training that was in May. Anyway, it was freezing!!!!! My first thought is how the fuck are we going to do this in December when the snow if flying!! Oh that is going to suck. Kevin explained the training and it seems doable. We run 6 days a week, 2 of those days are with him (Saturday's and Tuesday's). Saturday's are the long runs and Tuesday's will be hill, tempo or speed workouts. The rest of the week Trac and I will run 30-40 minutes easy. We log each run and Kevin will check our logs every Saturday.

It will be hard to get my brain wrapped around timed running instead of distance. I have been so focused on getting the mileage in that this will be an adjustment. The true test of the training will be in January when Bill and I run the PF Chang Half Marathon in Arizona. If Trac and I like the training and feel good we will go for the 20 week program in May. Holy shit. Training for a marathon. I can't believe it.


Jen said...

Next thing I know, I will be watching you and Tracy run the Lake Placid IronMan in July....


Becca said...

You go girl!!!

All my tomorrows said...

Well frankly I think TIMED running is the better way for Marathon training. Many reasons. But it sounds really great and so just see how you go with it. I bet it works!

IHateToast said...

you can do it. why don't you two see or rent (don't know your timeline there) The Spirit of the Marathon. it'll get you going.

training sessions and speed workouts are great. who would do it solo? having a coach is wonderful.

does he have cute buns? always important.