Friday, October 03, 2008

Dog Show from Hell

So today was the Newhouse Dog Show that I am in charge of coordinating. It is a fundraiser the School does for the United Way. We had about 25 dogs come out and we had one vendor selling fleece dog coats, homemade bones, etc. We started at noon and at 12:15 ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE.

The skies opened up and the rain starting coming down, but that wasn't the bad part. It was the hurricane like winds. I was trying to help Kim, the vendor, with her pop-up tent. Getting the flaps on when all of all sudden there was a gust of wind like I have never felt before. It literally took the tent and ME with it across the lawn! The steel bar on the tent snapped in two like a twig and all her dogs coats and merchandise went flying. It. Was. Horrible.

It took me hours to dry out (my sweat jacket is still soaked). Nothing like working in wet jeans. Oh and the bitch of it all. 30 minutes later it was beautiful out. Poor Kim's tent is still out on the lawn looking like a broken skeleton.

I am going home, taking a hot shower, getting in the warmest clothes I have and drinking. Heavily.

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IHateToast said...

oh,i'm sorry. sounds cold. really cold. not like the oooh it's 60 outside cold of the subtropics.

we don't usually have that disaster, we just have dead days where no one comes to events because they can't stop sweating.

again, sorry. hope you got warm.