Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ain't that a bitch

This weekend was the Mustang Stampede. A really small, but very nice 5k at the Parkway. It is a race to support the Army reserve so it is a great cause and a way to show our support for the troops. I decided that I was just going to treat this as an easy run since I had my obnoxiously long run the next day. As we know, even the best plans change. I did start out at a nice easy pace and then I thought, what the hell, lets pick it up a bit and see if I can place in my age group.

If I would have picked it up at the beginning I would have had FIRST place and a trophy!! A TROPHY!!! I lost the bastard by 22 seconds. Isn't that a kick in the crotch.

Today was the last long run before the Half. I can't believe it is in 2 weeks! Trac suggested that I run 2.5 hours instead of running the 13.1 miles. I decided to take her advice and will never forgive her.

I kept hearing her voice in my head is time on your feet B, time on your feet. I actually did 2.27 hr. because I was NOT running past my house. I ran an 1.15 up and turned around. When I hit 1.5 hours and realized I had another hour I about lost my shit. That last mile was a freakin' killer. My feet, my knee and my hips hurt, but I know I was over 13.1 so I trudged on till I got home. Really it was a matter of just getting my ass home. There were times when I was hoping someone, anyone would clip my ass on and I wouldn't have to do this anymore.

With all that bitchin' it was good. It hurt, but hell it was 14 miles! It should hurt. But I have finally wrapped my pea brain around that I can do this.

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IHateToast said...

i like running with time more than dist. allows me the freedom of running anywhere and not worrying. you did the right thing. listen to trac.

i can't run by my designated stop either. and i can't stop before it. that's the bugger of it all. good luck! you'll be happier knowing you ran more than the race. the race will finish before you know it.

bummer about the trophy. maybe it's best. seems like you'd hav eused it to whack T instead of listening to her advice.