Monday, September 01, 2008

Now for the Good

We did have a couple really good things happen this weekend. One is our new garage doors! My superman of a husband installed them all by his little self. The first door was a BITCH due to a lot of problems, but he figured it out. Since he learned so much about putting in the first door, the second went as smooth as glass. Actually, the first side took him 7 painful hours and a couple trips to Lowe's. The second side only took 3 hours and one trip to Lowe's.

This is our super crappy garage door that hasn't worked in years.

Here is our sexy new door. Yes, I said sexy! They look so good! Now we have to get the automatic garage door thingy installed, which dear husband said no freakin' way is he going to attempt to do that set-up. He made an appointment for Lowe's to come out to do it. I can't even explain how great it will feel not to have to get out of the van in the winter to open the garage door.

The other good thing was I am now running in double digits baby! Yep. This morning, Shannon, Kris, Trac and I hit the trail bright and early to run 10 miles! We did it and finished feeling like we ran 10 miles, but at least not feeling like we ran 20. Does that make sense?

Running 10 has really boosted our confidence that we can truly run 13.1.

Niagara here we come!

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IHateToast said...

please remove the second photo. this is a family blog, missy. keep your doors staid and modest!