Sunday, September 28, 2008

Beauty of Fall

Bill and I spent a few days at Indian Lake with the pups. We had a wonderful time and the colors were as they were last year, breathtaking. The 2.5 hour drive was filled with all colors of oranges and reds. The cabin we had was comfortable and perfect for all of us. There is something to be said about getting away from television, cell phones and the world for a few days. Spending your days reading and pampering the dogs.
We did forget four very important items for the dogs. Their food bowls! With everything else we were concentrating on trying not to forget, we forget the most simplest of things. Since we had no food bowls we had to improvise. Notice all of them are laying down to eat because they had a hard day of hiking. John (2nd picture) looks like he is falling asleep in his casserole dish. The first day we attempted a six mile hike. Attempted. The hike was supposed to be easy and flat. HA! Easy. Not so much. There was so much mud and muck to get through. At one point Maggie and John got stuck and had to be lifted out covered in black mud. Bill and I were also covered from head to foot. We had enough and turned around. The next day Rimmy and John were having a lot of stiffness in their hind quarters. Rim was really lame on his back right leg. So much so that I gave him a dose of pain meds and we took that day off to do nothing. Going out only for potty breaks. The next day Rim felt much better and we went for a .5 mile hike. Short and easy. There was a point during the hike that all of us had to walk the plank to cross over a marsh area. Crossing the first time was a disaster for three of the four hounds. Sophie knows how to do it because of agility class and went across like it was nothing. The other three. Oh Lord. It was traumatizing for all of us.

During the hike Bill wanted to try and get a photo of all us like he did last year. Was is it that greyhounds NEVER want to line up for a photo? This is the best shot out of the bunch.

If happy hounds are tired hounds, then ours are over the moon!


IHateToast said...

how do they know the camera is out? but that all are looking in different directions is better than all forward at once. so many things to see.

Iowa Greyhound said...

What a great camping trip! I'm not sure how my hounds would do crossing a plank, probably not well!

The leaves look great there!

bazu said...

awww, I miss NY! and the pups!

Jen said...

Fabulous pics!!!!