Sunday, August 24, 2008

Training for Half-Marathon

It is official. I am going to be running my first half-marathon on October 26th at the Niagara Falls International Marathon. Niagara will be Bill's second. His first is coming up in two weeks when he runs the Arc race here in Syracuse.

Not only will it be my first, but a few friends as well. They drank the kool-aide and will be joining us. I couldn't be happier because not only it is hard for me to run this distance, it is even harder to run it alone. Kris and Shannon run at the same pace, if not a little faster. Having the support near you when you are starting to have your mental meltdown around mile 9 is the only way I am going to get through the race.

Today was the longest distance training run yet. Trac and I did 9.5 miles and stuck with our run 9/walk one minute training routine. Our pace, even with the walking was just a little under 11 minute mile, which is exactly were we wanted it to be. The theory behind walking the minute is to save your legs so they don't poop out on you near the end of the race. For me, it is the way to go until I get some strength built up in my legs.

My legs feel good until around mile 7-8 and then the fatigue sets in my legs. Everything starts to hurt. Especially on my right side, which is a preview to what the next day feels like. No matter how much water I drink after a long training run my legs are so sore the next day. So I need to start doing some weight training to strengthen my quads. For as much as I run they shouldn't be this sore!

After an hour into our run Trac and I broke out the Power Gel. The flavor I had was Strawberry/Banana and it was NASTY. Trac had the Latte one and said it wasn't bad. We were wanting to do the Gel to see how our stomach's would feel. I didn't have any upset's, but I think Trac stomach was off later in the run. Next weekend I think I am going to try Shot Blocks.

The run was hard. Really hard, but we hit 9.5. Next week (gulp) will be 10, then a recovery week. I'd never EVER thought running 8 miles would be a recovery. WTH.


runswithdog said...

Nope. Sorry. Our pace was 11:08. The slightly under 11 pace is what you would have done if you had been running without me! LOL

Kelle Santa said...

Just found your it! Didn't know you were going to do a half...congrats on finally drinking the kool-aid! I don't know if they are vegan - but you might want to try sport beans. They are the best of all for nutrition during running. Made by Jelly Belly - taste just like the candy and some even have caffeine. You can get them at Fleet Feet, EMS, or even at Target.