Monday, July 21, 2008

Love the 80's!!!

In a few short weeks I will be heading back for my....gulp...20th HS reunion. I can't believe it has been twenty...freaking...where the hell did the time go...years. Some days it seems like yesterday. Boy did I love everything about the 80's. Duran Duran, Hall and Oats, Violent Femmes, Madonna, jean mini-skirts with white socks and keds, acid wash jeans and big ass hair. Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh...those were the days.

This past month I have been catching up with friends that I haven't talk to in YEARS. We have been catching up and remembering the past. What great memories. Others.... Wow, my only thought was how did we make it out alive!! Some of the shit we did back then. Damn. If my parents ever found out it would definitely send them to an early grave. Such as, hill coolers in 2 liters....peach schnapps....and much more. Can I go back?!


Jen said...

Is that Huey Lewis???


IHateToast said...

i think it's a hall or an oates. the mullet. bless.

i think you'll need to post photos of some 80s hair of your own!

bazu said...

That's Hall, y'all!

Aw, yes, the schnapps. Bridget, you are going to kick everyone's ass at the reunion, since you look like you graduated 20 months ago, not 20 years ago! Damn, woman!