Sunday, June 29, 2008


Let me apologize for no pictures. I had every intention of getting a few shots of the drinks for the Bachelorette party I hosted at my house last night. And damn it if I didn't get pictures of the food either! Piss! I don't entertain often and when I do I sort of freak -- trying to keep all the food flowing and drinks that everything else, like getting photos, goes out the window. However, the websites that I found the recipes had photos so I put them here for you to see.

The most popular was by far the Raspberry Mojito. It was light, refeshing and sweet. For me, a little too sweet. Next time I will knock the sugar down from 1/2 cup to 1/3 cup. The best part was the Raspberry Coulis. Holy crap. It is lip smacking good! I had some leftover and drizzled it over some vanilla ice cream. Good Lord in heaven it was dreamy.

Next was my famous Sangria recipe (no photo). I found this recipe a couple years ago on Since then it has been my go to recipe. The reason why I love it is because it uses Gin instead of Brandy. This way I can have Gin and tonics with the leftover Gin. Another one of my summertime favorites.

Then came the extremely refreshing Peach Martini's. Surprisingly these are not as sweet as you think. The peach nectar and peach schnapps are perfect partners with the vanilla vodka.
With all this booze you would think all of us would be hugging the porcelain god, but nope. All of us were shocked that we weren't feeling the booze. We think it was due to eating a lot of food and large chunks of time between each drink. Huh. Who would of thought.


SARAH said...

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Can I link you to my site?

bazu said...

Fine, it's ok that I wasn't invited. Hmmmmmm.

I want raspberry mojito!