Thursday, May 22, 2008

Restaurant Falls Flat

I am not going to use the name of the restaurant my friends and I tried today because I want to give them another chance. This was their 2nd day being open so I am sincerely hoping things will improve. I mean they are new at this and deserve a break, which I am definitely going to give them because I so badly want them to succeed. Really, this is how I feel about this place because its mission is so wonderful -- all vegan food for breakfast and lunch.

We arrive and it is a cute little place with a nice atmosphere. We sit down and start talking about what we want to order. We can barely contain our excitement! Vegan food! All of it! Woooo hooooo!

I order a BLT with a side of pasta salad and a tea. It came to $9 and some change. It took them over 30 minutes to prepare my order. Now, I am okay with food taking time to prepare especially since they are new, but it has to be good. This was not good. The BLT was as thin as paper and had a two strips of bacon, some cheese, lettuce and one tomato. No chips. No pickle. Sigh. It was very....very....typical. Something I could make in my own kitchen for less than the price they were charging. Seriously, if you are going to charge $5.50 for a sandwich, a few chips thrown on the plate or a pickle would be lovely or maybe some coleslaw? But this isn't what disappointed me the most. It was the pasta salad. There was absolutely NO flavor to it at all. None. My friends even tasted it and was shocked at its blandness. It was terrible.

Here is why I have a problem with this. Vegan food can be known for its twists and turns using wonderful flavors, not for being flavorless. This tasteless pasta salad will just solidify what most non-vegan's think -- boring flavorless vegan/vegetarian food. It makes me crazy because there are limitless options for vegan cooking and this fell so terribly flat. What gets my eye twitching is how is it that the home blog cooks (Fat Free Vegan, Where's the Revolution, etc) create dishes that will blow you the fu** away and yet, places fall short. Why? I don't understand?

Here is the other head scratcher. I went on their website and people were raving about the food! Really?! Was I at the wrong place?

Do vegan support places just because it is vegan, not because it has good food? Is that right? I don't know. I am so conflicted.

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IHateToast said...

bland pasta salad. oh man. that's the worst. why not just suck on plain pasta and wash it down with metamucil for the fibre.

give it a second chance. i have a similar post in the making, but not as bad as yours. i do believe in second chances, but if it still falls flat, you have to tell them.

i am a fallen vego; i know that vegetarian food is great. there's so much to it. quinoa. millet (but that's a bitch to cook). pomegranates. so much for texture and flavour. what you had just sounds like lazy cooking.

give it one more go, then let them have it. grrr. the price for that meal is shocking.