Friday, May 16, 2008

Greyhounds can do agility too!

The past couple months I have been debating on trying agility with Sophie (formerly called Lulu). I have talked to a few greyhound owners and a few non-greyhound owners and it seemed like something Sophie would enjoy. So we took the plunge and had our first class last night.

Sophie is a total people person. Doesn't give two shits about other dogs and that worked in our favor last night. Especially since one of the dogs was an unneutered pug that really...REALLY...liked Sophie's legs. Who wouldn't! They are long, skinny and beautiful. Sophie ignored the other dogs, but fell in love with the two girls watching the class. She would go over and do the greyhound lean. Or maybe she was just sucking up?

The class consists of a lab mix, a pug, a corgi, a skipperkee and finally a poodle/maltese mix. Two of us are total agility virgins. Guess who that would be. Here I am with a plastic zip lock bag full of cut-up teeny tiny pieces of cheese while the rest of the class has those fancy fanny packs. It was hard to hold the bag, treat, and guide Sophie through what I wanted her to do. She is supposed to follow my hand. Instead she followed the yellow filled bag of goodness. Tonight I am buying a fanny pack!

We practiced recall -- I was so paranoid about dropping the leash I made them shut the door even with the ring fenced in and the door babygated. We learned how to walk through a ladder laying on the floor and then walking across a plank laying on the floor, jumping over bars laying on the floor and target.

Sophie did everything and had fun doing it too! We had a blast and I hope it just keeps getting better. I really don't care about competing but having Sophie have fun. Which she did. However, we did teach everyone how powerful greyhound gas can be. She was blowing cheese like crazy. The ride home we had the windows open.


bazu said...

"blowing cheese" - ha ha ha!

Jen said...

Fabulous! When Bill goes to watch, make sure he brings the camera... want to see pics! :o)


Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Congratulations on your first agility class! I will tell you a little secret.... if you want to look like a real dog trainer, just put the cheese in your pocket. Fanny packs are for wannabes :-).