Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Change of underwear

This morning I saw my life flash before my eyes.

Driving to work on the highway I was tooling right along listening to my 80's music going about 70 mph when suddenly traffic was coming to a dead stop. SHHHHHIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTT!
The car in front of me slammed on her brakes, the car in the next lane slammed on their brakes. There were squealing tires all around me, cars swearing to keep from hitting the car in front of them. I managed to keep from rear ending the car in front of me, then looked in my rear view mirror.

Oh fu**. A semi-truck is behind me. All I see is this big ass truck barreling towards me and smoke coming from the brakes because he is trying to stop from slamming into the back of my van. For a moment everything went in slow motion and I seriously thought to myself I am going to die. Thankfully I lived to tell about it. However, I do need a change of underwear.


Vivacious Vegan said...

Those moments are the worst and we've all been there. So glad you're ok.

bazu said...

I ran into you later that day- your underwear seemed fine! ;-)

IHateToast said...

your momma taught you well.

glad to read that you didn't... Poughkeepsie in your smalls.