Thursday, April 03, 2008

When it Rains it Pours

After today's visit we are thinking of calling Lulu, Miss Worm. Okay it can be her nickname.

On Tuesday, Lulu suddenly came down with a bad case of liquid poops. Poor thing went in her crate and you know how greyhounds hate to use their crate as a bathroom. She was so good by telling us when she needed to go out. You can't be anymore clear than standing and staring at the door. Anyway, last night I noticed a little blood and thought we better go see the doc and while we are there get John checked out too.

Get to the office and John is already in freak out mode. Poor guy hates going to the doc. The checked him over and it is his neck. Didn't do x-rays so we aren't sure if it is a disc problem (which they think it is) or muscle. In any case, he is on rest (no walks) and pain meds. See how he does and go from there. They did take blood for John for heartworm and to check to make sure everything is running as it should. The tech came in and had to take it from his neck because she had to get so much. She had to poke the needle around to get a vein and the minute she found one, John did a reverse sneeze! The needle jammed right up in his throat!!!!!! John didn't make a peep, but you could tell it hurt like hell. Poor guy!

Next up was Lulu. Who we now know has HOOKWORMS! Totally curable...HOWEVER, we have to worm all the dogs. Yep. ALL FOUR. And 2 of those 4 are huge males! The most economical thing (which is a laugh) was to buy a TUB of Panacur because the medicine goes by weight. A FREAKIN' TUB! We have to give each dog a dose for three days, then another in 3 weeks, and another in 3 months. So how much did just the Panacur cost? Ready. Here it goes. $246. When the doc told me the price she did have a look of pity on her face. Thanks doc.

Good thing they are both cute and lovable. BTW - everyone at the vet loved Lulu and she was a total attention whore.

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IHateToast said...

that must have hurt so bad. poor guy.

and lulu... a tart with worms. how victorian. the lovable prostie.