Sunday, April 06, 2008


Next time. Goldfish.

John unfortunately is not better. Actually called the ER vet last night because the Metacam is NOT working for him. Still in a lot of pain. Bad news is before we can switch him to a different steroid, which I am thinking will be Rimidyl, we have to have a wash out period from the Metacam. The vet is calling me this morning to see how he is doing and decided if we should hospitalize him today to get him started on IV steroids. I don't know. He is still very slow to move this morning, but not whimpering in pain like he did last night. It is so hard to see him so miserable. We just want our John back.

As if this isn't bad enough. Maggie looks like a cartoon character this morning! Friday I went to put her muzzle on and she would yelp out in pain when I touched her nose. I had a total you have got to be fuc**ing kidding me moment because we were JUST at the vets yesterday with the other two!!! I was so worried she was having an allergic reaction to something that I asked Trac to go over and check on her. She was fine. Then yesterday, the swelling started on the right side of her face. Called the ER vet again. Sounds like an abscess! I had some antibiotics left and he said to start her on those until we can get her in on Monday. Now I am wondering if we should wait till Monday because the swelling is much worse. Again, she looks like a bloated cartoon character. Seriously. Can anything else go wrong. Don't answer that.

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bazu said...

Oh no, poor John! We are thinking of him and of you guys, and hope he feels better soon!