Friday, March 07, 2008

Say it with me - winter blues. That is what I am feeling. Winter blues. The weather has sucked every bit of motivation for running. This weekend I am registered to run the Tipp Hill Shamrock run. HA! Haven't trained ONE BIT. Pray for me will ya.

I do have to say that I haven't been totally slacking on exercise. Just taking a different route. Monday's I take a Pilates class, Tuesday/Thursday I take a Yoga class and Wednesday/Friday I teach a PiYo class (combo pilates and yoga). And you know what. I love it and I am finding muscles I never knew I had!!

It has been about 5-6 months since I have been doing yoga. I am now in love with it. The workout is amazing and it will kick your butt! No, it isn't an aerobic exercise, but it definitely makes you break a sweat. Oh boy, does it make you break a sweat. However, I do have to say I enjoy the more...athletic...version of yoga. Although I do appreciate the relaxation, get in touch with the universe, it isn't really something I focus on it my class. For me, I enjoy the deep breathing while working. Forcing you to concentrate on what your doing and what your body is telling you. And sometimes. It says -- "will you stop already!" or "No fucking way"

Friday's I teach a PiYo class to my co-workers for free. Why? Because I love to teach it and they are willing to take it. Well today they surprised me with a beautiful card and a $65 gift certificate to Spring Studio (this is where I take Pilates). I was so touched and felt a little bad. Today I was in a mood and the class was shall we say -- ummmm--challenging. They said they loved it, but they may not feel that way tomorrow.

Anyhoo, here is a great exercise to try if you want to work you butt --

Lie on your side.
Bring your knees in (like you are sitting in a chair, but you are on your side)
Raise your top leg.
Dip down your top knee to touch your bottom knee (you are bringing your top knee down at an angle-- your toes will be pointed up towards the ceiling)- bring it up
dip down your big toe of your top foot (you knee should be pointing up towards the ceiling), to the big toe of your bottom foot.

So it is knee to knee -- toe to toe



Iowa Greyhound said...

No doubt, this winter has killed our workout routine too! Good luck at your race!

IHateToast said...

huh? winter?

i forgot what that is like in the land of boobsweat and tears.

what is the name of that pose? i can't get it by reading. i'm confused. if i had a laptop, i'd do it while blogging.

whoo hoo for you and the shamrock! you'll be fine.