Thursday, March 27, 2008

Have you ever had your life get so full of drama that weeks fly by without you noticing. It scares me when this happens. These are days that I will never get back again and they are passing me like shadows. Slipping in and out.
Work has not been a great place the past couple weeks. It is better, but that past two weeks the drama was one of the like I haven't seen before. Can't go into it here, but hopefully the road to repairing relationships will continue.

On the good news front, we have decided to officially adopt Lulu! We are going to fill the paperwork out this weekend.

Welcome to the family....little miss goofball.


Jen said...

Yeah! Congrats! More pics, please. :o)


IHateToast said...

congrats! talk about being one with the bed. if she snuggled down any more, she'd become the bed.

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