Sunday, March 09, 2008

*&%$!@#! and other foul words

This morning I thought I would make my own vegetable stock. Have everything I need. Put it all together, let it simmer for an hour - strained it. Looked and smelled beautiful. Go to strain it again and accidently knocked the bottle of dish soap into the stock. SON OF A............... Then in my denial I think, well maybe it didn't hurt it. Stirred it and there they were. The unmistakeable dish soap bubbles.

I am going back to bed.


Jen said...

You know, you probably could have still eaten it. Would have just "cleaned you out better" if you know what I mean. :o)


IHateToast said...

that was great! not for you, but i needed a chuckle and i got one. now i envision you having bubble burps like in charlie and the chocolate factory.