Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Kids today!

Hold on to your seat belts!

WTF is wrong with people these days. In particular college students. Now, this rant does not include all college students. There are many I have worked with that have been wonderful and 'get it.' Then there are the others. They on the other hand, make my eye twitch.

The spring semester is the crazy time in our office. Seniors are graduating and freaking out, the rest of the undergrads are freaking about getting a summer internship. Everyday I am talking someone down off the ceiling and this is in between critiquing what seems like an endless number of resume and letters. But you know I love it. Why. Because of those students who genuinely listen and are thankful for your help. Nothing is more rewarding to me than a student that I helped come up to me and say, thank you, because of you I found that job and/or internship. On the flip side -- there are the 'entitlement' students.

These students come in expecting, sometimes demanding you 'find me a job or internship'

Hello, eye twitch.

This happened today. Student Butthead comes in, wants to see someone (now) about his cover letter, which he hadn't written yet. Tell him he has to have something to look at first. Asked if he has taken the writing seminar or watched the video (the video is our seminar and is available for those students who can't make the seminar times). He hasn't. Then he asks for alumni contacts for a very popular nighttime talk show. Told him we don't do that unless we sit down and talk first because these people volunteer to help students only if they are counseled by us on how to properly approach them. And here is the part he didn't like. He would have to make an appointment. He was pissed and said "You people are supposed to be here to help us." EXCUSE ME!!

I do believe horns popped out on my forehead and my head spun competlely around.


Jen said...

Ah man.... you must have been ready to flip! LOL.


Melody Polakow said...

I am around so much entitlement with my kids and their friends. It is a battle we fight daily with our two teen boys... omg.. we live in a fairly affluent town and so many of their friends are incredibly spoiled... it is hard to stand our ground with our kids, but we do.. and they STILL act all offended and entitled. I'm not sure if it's this generation or what.

bazu said...

Uh yes. I know exactly what you're talking about. Kids these days: pfffft!

IHateToast said...

i take the train and bus most days. i could watch students (h.s. & uni) sit while older people stand, put their shoes on the seats, swear loudly...

been walking. i started that for physical health, but after reading your post, i wonder if i spared myself some mental crap, too.