Thursday, January 17, 2008

Life has been a little crazy and it has caught up with me and kicked me in the ass. Hard. Never in my life have I ever had laryngitis. That is until today.

It all started on Sunday with a slight sore throat, by Tuesday it was a full blown cold. Yesterday I came home from work early and tried to find a sub to teach my yoga/pilates class. Couldn't find one so I taught the class sounding like an 80 yr. old 1-900 sex operator. Woke up this to morning to a very raspy voice that progressed to NO voice. The only good part of all this is the tea. Lovely, delicious tea. There is something magical about tea when you get sick. It is so comforting.

Anyone have any home cures for laryngitis I would love to hear them.

Okay, back to napping.


All my tomorrows said...

Nothing I can think of except gargling with salt water.

Hot Tea is good, though. I've had a lot of it this week.

Feel better soon.

IHateToast said...

oh, i'm sorry. i know this is too late. been away. i used to get it 2-3 times a year when i taught. nothing worked for me other than not talking. that wasn't possible. had to ring a bell and assign a kid to do my translating.

did you notice that people whispered back to you?

i've read comments and posts in reverse chronological order. i know you're better now. lost your kim carnes voice.