Thursday, January 03, 2008

Holiday's were good. Always bittersweet to go home and see the family. Each year we miss my brother and think about him often. It is so hard to see his boys. Andy, the younger of the two, is so much like him. Just so outgoing, loving, funny and quick with a smile. This year it just blew me away how he really has his dad's spirit. Patrick, the older one, worries me. He is the spitting image of my brother, but he is so reserved. There has been talk about getting him tested. Breaks my heart to think about it.

Got Pa decked out in SU orange this year. He LOVED it. Check him out. He especially loved the crocks. God aren't they hideous! I knew they would be a hit. As far as I know, he has worn them everyday since he got them. Hee, hee. It just pisses my mother off to no end.

The look on my brother's face crack's me up.

Check out the back of the shirt!

Parents let me borrow there car for a night. That way Bill could take the van to his mom's to visit and I could drive right to may parent's to visit. Bill then picked me up in the evening at my parents. Worked out great, except for one thing. I forgot I put my parents keys in my purse. Yep. Mailed them back to Ohio a few days ago. Ah good times.

After 4 days of holiday fare, I had to have something green. When we got home I made a big bowl of Green Jade Soup from Moosewood Restaurant Cooks at Home. It was very good and soul restoring. I could feel my immune system getting a kick start.
Then I got How to Cook Everything Vegetarian and let me tell you. This book is HUGE and a mountain of information. Everything you need to know on how to prepare different veggie, tons of variations on recipes, etc. I love it, love it, love it. Thanks Jeff! And Nick! Both my brother's got me this for Christmas. They are the best. I gave my extra copy to Trac.

But the grand daddy of presents this year is this. Oh yea baby! A deep fryer. Bill is the best husband EVER. Or is he evil? Or both? I don't care!
So what was the first thing I made? Sweet potato fries. Little fries bits of fried heaven. Next on the agenda. Doughnuts and corn fritters!


runswithdog said...

I think the deep fryer is evil. What did you do to piss Bill off? LOL

Dad looks spectacular in Orange :-) Love the crocs!

And I love the HTCEV. Thanks guys! I have spent many an hour in the past week pouring over it. It is intimidating in its scope!

IHateToast said...

opened the post and read too quickly: real men are strange.

i was so impressed until i reread it. not as impressed, but it is a good shirt.


those fries look good. deep fryers and sandwich presses are in every home here. not mine, but ony because counter space is a myth in my home. looking forward to seeing more of what you're doing. how big is that baby (as in how small)?