Sunday, September 30, 2007

Indian Lake Photos

We've arrived home from an awesome vacation. The Adirondacks was so beautiful that it is hard to express in words the colors, the smells and sounds. The leaves were just starting to burst with color. All of them fighting to see who could get the most attention. Just check out this little dude. You couldn't help but not notice him. Show off.

We took over 90 pictures so below are a few pictures in no particular order. This is the view from our cabin at Indian Lake. A section of the Sawyer Moutain Trail. Beautiful hike. Damn near killed us, but we did it!

A couple pictures of the view from the top. It was cloudy that day so the pictures look a little hazy.

Below is a picture of us on our way back from hiking the Sawyer Trail. Maggie was very tired and so was I. Just so you know. Bill hiked with the tripod in the backpack just so he could get this kind of photo. That is dedication!
This photo just makes me smile. This was the dogs favorite spot in the cabin. Human's aren't the only ones that love a great view.
This was a gorgeous trail! It was to Rock Lake.

Now I will end this long post with a sunrise.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hello Fall

We are heading out today for a four day trip to Indian Lake in the Adirondacks. The foliage is hitting its peak and I can hardly wait to see the beauty that awaits us. We are also taking Rimmy, John and Maggie with us to the cabin. This will be our first family vacation. Sally, unfortunately, is staying behind and will be staying at Trac's. Where she will be spoiled something awful. We feel guilty leaving her behind, but being 12 with a weak backend the hiking will be too much for her.

I can hardly wait to hear the leaves crunching under my feet and just watching nature put on her best performance.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

This is what the weather was like when we got to the Bud Run at 8:30 a.m. this morning. What you can't really get from this picture is that it was freaking POURING rain and it was butt ass cold. I do believe 53 degrees. Needless to say we were miserable and hoping that the rain would let up before the 9:15 start.

Forty-five minutes later. This is what the weather ended up being for the start of the race. It was so weird!!! At exactly 9:10 it stopped raining, the sun came out and the sky cleared up. It turned out to be perfect for running.

The race was hard. Real hard. There was a lot of wind to fight against and a couple of hills that I seemed to have blocked out of my memory. There was one mother of a hill at the 3 mile turn around. That is just cruel people!

Trac, unfortately wasn't able to run this year because of a nasty cold she came down with. She was pretty bummed, but we will get her in a 10k before the season ends! But, another friend ours, Wendy ran. We started out super strong and fast. Our first mile was 9:30! I was really nervous for Wendy because she is still fighting a cold and nasty cough too. Last thing I wanted was to see her carted off in the above pictured medical vehicle. But she keep going like the energizer bunny. Around the 3 mile maker she slowed and I went ahead.

The whole race I kept telling myself that this is just the West Trail (were we run every Saturday), and to use the same strategy. Nice and easy till the 4 mile mark and then you can start counting down.

Around the 4 mile mark I realized that I had half a shot of getting in under 60 minutes. This motivated me to keep my pace and not slow down.

I entered the plant and could feel the finish around the corner. Except I forgot. There are THREE CORNERS to go around. Thankfully, my friends were sitting at the first one. What a beautiful sight they were to see. The pain on my face must have been apparent because Jen ran me in with her Rudy collar. She encouraged me the whole way and I don't think I could have done it without her.

I don't know my official time, but I know it was 59 minutes and something - Trac said it was 9:34 mile. Woooooohooooooooooo. My personal best. The race in 2005 I ran in 1:04 - so I knocked an entire 5 minutes off. I am elated. Crippled. But elated. My lovely husband also had a personal best today with a time 47:48!!! Damn he is fast. Oh, and my friend Sue did most excellent too. She didn't walk and finished with a time that was well before her goal!

After the race it was free beer (it was sponsored by Budweiser) and Bacardi slushies for everyone! It may of been 11 a.m in New York, but it was 5 o'clock somewhere.

This is the green slushie that was mighty tasty. Mmmmmm....mmmmmm...good. It was refreshing at first, then I had to switch to good old beer.
And when we got home we were able to get a family portrait.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Out of Body Experience & Geese

I skipped yesterday's run because it was one of the freakin' hot and humid days - 70 degree's at 8 a.m. with 50% humidity. UGH! This morning the weather was much better. Cool with a slight rain. Perfect. The only sucky part was that I had to run alone.

The first mile I was at a good pace 10.30. Just were I wanted to be. But when I hit the 3 mile mark I realized I was now doing a solid 10. A little faster than I wanted to be since I was running 6.25. I think it was due to running in the rain that I was able to keep up a good pace.

The last two miles was weird because I kept telling myself to slow down, but it was like I was having this out-of-body experience. My mind was totally disconnected from my body. It was very strange because I definitely hurt, but it was like my body was determined not to slow down, but keep the pace. So when I reached a gaggle of geese crossing the path I couldn't slow down! I was dodging them and when they realized I wasn't going to stop to let them cross they started to fly, buzzing me with their webbed feet. I thought for sure I was going to end up with goose poop in my hair.

If I run the race Saturday with the same time as today I will be EXTREMELY happy: 1:02

Friday, September 07, 2007

Blogging has fallen by the wayside lately. We have been so busy with work and helping out a friend after work. This friend has 14 greyhounds. Yes. You read that correctly. She does greyhound adoption and 4 I know for sure are up for adoption. Three dogs went to dogsitters and between three friends we are taking care of the eleven at her house. One spends the night and feeds breakfast, another goes in the afternoon for the noon turnout, and Bill and I go in for dinner. In the beginning it was hard to remember all the dogs names! Now we know everyone: Cotton, Heart, Stephie, Jessie, Loretta, Shylo, Boxer, Tuck, Jet, Wyatt and Teddy.

Teddy and Wyatt are the two shy boys. Wyatt is wicked shy. He has been a big blur of brindle for the week -- running as fast as he can by us to the yard and vise versa to his crate. Teddy is a different story. I love that boy and SO bad want to take him home. I've been working on him and once I was able to touch his head before he bolted. You can see how badly he wants to come up to you, but just can't do it.

Heart, Cotton, Loretta, and Tuck are all brood bitches. Little old ladies that are so damn funny. Cotton likes to eat rocks, Heart is the disciplinarian of the yard, Loretta will light into anyone that just pisses her off and Tuck is a sweet old lady that tries to stay out of the way.

Shylo is a big black boy that was a return due to his owner going blind. He is so sweet and just wants attention and food. Jet is an old man that loves the couch. Boxer is crazy. Big brindle guy that is like a kid on a sugar high.

Jessie and Stephie are lurchers. Jessie has cancer, but is hanging in there. Stephie is something else. Just a freakin' cutie. She loves to lay in the yard and give kisses.

Although it has been exhausting we've have had a great time. Tomorrow I will try and get a pictures of the whole gang.